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The Yarra Hills Chiropractic Difference

Most Chiropractic clinics will adjust you without extensive analysis of your spine, or even without x-rays, often require their patients to attend multiple visits per week over a long period of time.

3 reasons why Yarra Hills Chiropractic is different.

1. We analyse your spine thoroughly using the 5 step Gonstead system

  • Nervoscope: measuring heat variations in your spine relating to inflammation
  • Static palpation: touching the skin directly to pick up swelling, spasm and tenderness
  • Motion palpation: feeling the movement of individual vertebra looking for the ones that are stuck.
  • Postural assessment: checking for visual signs of misalignment
  • X-rays: A standard full spine x-ray is a precise image taken on your first visit to show how your body had adapted over time to the misalignments, allowing us to get to the real cause of the problem – these x-rays are referred to during each visit

We take these steps with every patient on every visit to accurately determine what specific areas need to be corrected at that particular time

2. Specific and precise treatment personalised to the cause of your pain.

  • Spinal recovery management: the number and frequency of treatments are carefully determined based on your unique condition and findings, and reassessed each visit. No excessive predetermined treatment plans are used
  • Specific and controlled adjustments: the precise correction of spinal adjustment is achieved by contacting only the single vertebra causing your problem.

3. Guaranteed quicker results

  • You start getting results immediately: 90% of our patients experience improved spinal condition after their first appointment
  • Restoring your spinal health: with each adjustment building on the previous one, allowing your body to heal quickly and naturally
  • Better value for money: immediate results and much quicker and more precise road to restoring your spinal health ensures maximum value for money in the shortest possible time.

At Yarra Hills Chiropractic we use a technique which arguably the safest, most effect and thorough, yet gentle method of Chiropractic; this is called the Gonstead Method.

Gonstead Chiropractic is the global leader in precision chiropractic, with extra training and commitment requiring dedication and passion.

We live by the Gonstead Chiropractic principle of
‘Find it, fix it, and leave it alone’

Yarra Hills Chiropractic represents the ultimate standard in ‘hands on’ spinal adjusting and remains a leader in Gonstead Chiropractic in Australia.

For more information on usplease Contact Us and speak to one of our team.