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5 Tips For Back To School Kids


A good school bag should be no more than 10% – 15% of your child’s total weight. Nor should it be too physically big for them. While it might be tempting to buy a bigger bag that they can grow into, large bags are less supportive of your child’s back and can cause problems further on down the track. A good school bag should also have double, adjustable straps, and a lumbar support strap. For more information about choosing the right backpack/school bag click here.


The right amount of sleep is so important for developing brains, and getting your child into the right sleeping pattern for school can sometimes be a nightmare. Try getting them into routine a week or more before school starts so the first few school mornings can run that bit smoother. When kids are well rested and have a good sleep routine, they learn and play better. Also if your child is having trouble sleeping, it might be a good idea to get their spine checked.


The holidays are definitely a time for kids (and adults) to enjoy themselves and it’s perfectly normal for healthy eating habits to become a little relaxed at this time. Much like their sleeping routine, it might be easier to get kids back into healthier eating habits by starting before school starts.


The right shoes are so important for active kids. Proper arch support, breathable, and durable are key! Getting your kids feet checked by a podiatrist is also important as they can help identify any problem areas before they become a problem!


A recent public consultation, run by Safe Care Victoria, showed an overwhelmingly positive response to paediatric chiropractic care, with more than 99% of 22,000 public submissions satisfied with the care and safety provided by chiropractors. To find out more about these results click here.