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Neck Pain

Neck Stiffness & Neck Pain

Neck Pain


There are two main causes of neck problems:

  1. Neck stiffness
  2. Neck pain

Although they sound like the same thing, they are very different.

Neck Stiffness:

  • Often not caused by the neck at all
  • Will feel like it is coming from the muscles
  • Is hard to pin point and refers to a broad ranging area of the upper back and neck.
  • Can be made worse by continuous postures like working on the computer or using the iPad.
  • Can vary in intensity from dull intermittent ache to a strong constant stiffness
  • Often associated with tension headaches or occasionally migraines.

 Neck Pain:

  • Often a more specific type of pain
  • Accompanied by sharp pain on certain movement, especially rotation of the neck
  • Can sometimes cause discomfort while laying in bed
  • Bad cases will have pins and needles or numbness referring down one or both arms
  • Can be very painful

Nobody wants to be (or have) a pain in the neck

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