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8 Benefits To You

Gonstead Chiropractor Melbourne

We Care

We take a thorough history, asking the questions that matter, listening to your problem

New Digital X-Ray

Providing much less exposure than conventional x-rays

Saving Time

We take spinal x-rays on site, which are developed straight away for us to analyse in the initial consultation

No Upfront Payments

We never use pre-scheduling or upfront payment plans

Experience Matters

There are different versions and techniques in chiropractic – not all chiropractors are the same

Attention to Detail

We carefully and thoroughly examine the spine using the Gonstead system

More For Less

The state average is 30-40 sessions, our average result is between just 4-6 visits, saving you time and money

Personal Touch

We carefully assess the spine, skin on skin, to better feel what is going on

We live by the Gonstead Chiropractic principal of “Find it, Fix it and, Leave it alone”

Yarra Hills Chiropractic represents the ultimate standard in ‘hands on’ spinal adjusting and remains a leader in Gonstead Chiropractic in Australia. Gonstead Chiropractic is the global leader in precision Chiropractic, the extra training and commitment requires dedication and passion.
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Our Chiropractic Team

Years establishment
Quicker result than state average
Friendly staff members

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