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Mid-Back Pain

Thoracic (aka. Pinched Nerve) & Rib Misalignment

Mid Back Pain

There are usually two issues that cause mid-back pain:

  1. Thoracic Misalignment (or pinched nerve)
  2. Rib Misalignment

Thoracic Misalignment:

  • Often known as pinched nerve between the shoulders
  • This can vary in intensity from local pain to sharp strong shooting pain
  • Early symptoms includes
    • Muscular stiffness and tightness
    • Discomfort between the shoulder blades at night
    • Decreased range of motion of the shoulders
    • Pain on sneezing or coughing
  • Bad cases may also
    • Have pain shooting or referring up to the neck, shoulder/s and arms
    • Can often be the cause of headaches or migraines
    • Agonising pain on movement
  • Can in some cases cause a referral of pain around the chest

Rib Misalignment:

  • Is much less common than Thoracic Misalignment
  • Usually noticed with breathing, sneezing, and coughing
  • Mild cases have a slight discomfort, patients often remark “I can’t get a full breath in”
  • Often causes shooting pain that usually refers around the side or front of the chest

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