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Lower Back Pain

Lumbar & Pelvis Misalignment


Lumbar Misalignment:

  • Often known as pinched nerve
  • This can vary in intensity from local pain to sharp strong shooting pain
  • Early symptoms include:
    • Pain during or after sitting on the couch or car
    • Pain getting out of the chair
    • Pain upon waking and getting dressed
    • Pain on flexion (bending forwards)
  • Bad cases may also:
    • Have pain shooting or referring down the thigh and leg (Sciatica)
    • Debilitating back pain that causes you to stand crocked or bent over
    • Pain on coughing or sneezing
    • Agonizing pain on movement

Pelvis Misalignment:

  • Patients often comment that their ‘hip feels out’
  • Usually goes un-noticed for a long time
  • Symptoms include:
    • Generalised and vague lower back ache
    • Ache or pain noticed walking – the more you walk the worse it gets
    • Ache or pain noticed standing for long periods
    • Ache lying in bed
    • Pain referring into the hip or buttock
  • Bad cases may also:
    • Ref down the thigh to the knee
    • Pain referring into the groin or testis
    • Not be able to weight bear or walk at all
    • Not get comfortable at night causing no sleep


Lumbar Misalignment:

  • Usually caused by activities such as:
    • Lifting heavy items – shifting furniture
    • Repetitive lifting – work related
    • Twisting and lifting – shifting boxes
    • Fall or trauma
  • The lumbar misalignment causes inflammation and pressure in the disc, this in turn causes pressure on the neighbouring spinal nerve – causing pain locally or in bad cases pain referred – sciatica.

Pelvis Misalignment:

  • Usually caused by:
    • Twisting injuries – lifting a heavy suit case onto the bed
    • Repetitive twisting – whipper sniping
    • Standing on uneven surface – painting on a ladder with feet on different levels
  • The pelvis misalignment causes inflammation to the Sacro-iliac joint, (like spraining your ankle), which then causes irritation to the local nerves in the area, which can cause local ache or travelling pain.


Lumbar Misalignment:

  • You can usually get some temporary relief by walking and gentle activity if you’re able to tolerate the pain or unable to seek professional assistant.
  • Professional intervention will help reduce the time it takes for your body to heal itself.
  • Systematic ‘hands on’ examination of the spine, with the help of x-rays and specialised instruments, will lead our specially trained chiropractors to precisely locate the exact vertebra that is misaligned and causing pressure on the nerve.
  • Once the cause is identified, a specific correction called an ‘adjustment’ is used to re-place the vertebra into the correct position.

Pelvis Misalignment:

  • You can usually get some temporary relief from sitting and resting if you’re able to tolerate the pain or unable to seek professional assistant.
  • Professional intervention will help reduce the time it takes for your body to heal itself.
  • Careful examination of the pelvis alignment using postural analysis, x-rays line drawings and static pain findings will lead to a diagnosis and conclusion of how the pelvis needs to be corrected.
  • The direction of correction (pelvis adjustment) needs to be very specific and in the opposite direction to which it is misaligned, re-placing the joint back to it’s normal position and function.

If Ignored

If left untreated both conditions:

  • Will become more painful, gradually getting worse
  • May start referring down the leg
  • May start to cause pins & needles or numbness
  • May start effecting your hobbies and daily activities
  • Will cause more uneven stress on the lumbar discs causing wear and tear (osteoarthritis) eventually causing a disc ‘blow out’ or disc protrusion, prolapsed or bludge
  • The longer the condition is left untreated, the harder it is to fix. This often results in more visits and a higher final treatment cost
  • Eventually leading to permanent damage, which may then result in spinal surgery

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