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Lower Back Pain

Lumbar & Pelvis Misalignment

Lower Back Pain

There are two main causes of lower back pain: Lumbar Misalignment (or pinched nerve) and Pelvis Misalignment.

Lumbar Misalignment:

  • Often known as pinched nerve
  • This can vary in intensity from local pain to sharp strong shooting pain
  • Early symptoms include:
    • Pain during or after sitting on the couch or car
    • Pain getting out of the chair
    • Pain upon waking and getting dressed
    • Pain on flexion (bending forwards)
  • Bad cases may also:
    • Have pain shooting or referring down the thigh and leg (Sciatica)
    • Debilitating back pain that causes you to stand crocked or bent over
    • Pain on coughing or sneezing
    • Agonizing pain on movement

Pelvis Misalignment:

  • Patients often comment that their ‘hip feels out’
  • Usually goes un-noticed for a long time
  • Symptoms include:
    • Generalised and vague lower back ache
    • Ache or pain noticed walking – the more you walk the worse it gets
    • Ache or pain noticed standing for long periods
    • Ache lying in bed
    • Pain referring into the hip or buttock
  • Bad cases may also:
    • Ref down the thigh to the knee
    • Pain referring into the groin or testis
    • Not be able to weight bear or walk at all
    • Not get comfortable at night causing no sleep

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