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Are you struggling with your health – fatigue, digestive issues, weight, hormonal imbalance, sleep disturbance, or just don’t feel 100%?

Lyndal Harris can help!

Lyndal is a Functional Nutritionist, trained by the Nutritional Therapy Association. She sees symptoms (such as digestive, fatigue, mood, skin, hormonal, etc.) as the body’s warning signs of underlying dysfunction.  By working foundationally, she addresses the underlying dysfunction and symptoms.

Lyndals RESTART program combines education, support and sugar detox into a comprehensive 5 week program.

Education – this centers on the foundations of Digestion, Blood Sugar and Healthy Fats. Lyndal educates you on the physiology of your body and how foods really work for you. This includes education on what to eat, what to avoid and gives the understanding of why.  Each participant also receives a shopping list of foods and a RESTART cookbook to make your food transition easier.

Support – this includes 5 small group sessions run by Lyndal. These sessions help to guide you through the RESTART program, as well as providing a support group of people going through the program with you. Lyndal is also available via email throughout the 5 weeks, and there is also a facebook page you can join for more support and extra recipes!

Sugar Detox – this is a transition to a whole food diet.  All refined foods, sugars, high glycemic and inflammatory foods are removed from the diet for a period of 3 weeks. This is not a short term diet, as you can choose to stay on it long term, or slowly reintroduce food back into your diet. Lyndal teaches you the best way of reintroducing food and how to work out if they are the right foods for you.

Lyndal has seen amazing fast tracked results for people doing this program – significant weight loss, blood glucose levels have stabilised, moods have improved, blood pressure has stabalised, digestive issues have resolved, body and joint aches and pains are reduced, hormonal issues improve and participants just feel better!


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