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Lyndal Harris

Yours in Health

Lyndal Harris

Functional Nutritionist


Nutrition & Lifestyle
Hormone Imbalances
Weight Loss
Digestive Issues

I believe symptoms such as digestive, fatigue, mood, skin, hormonal, etc. are the body’s warning signs of underlying dysfunction.  By working foundationally, we address the underlying dysfunction and symptoms. This is what I do.

Dr Quentin Free


“I am very excited to have Lyndal join our team. I have never met someone with so much passion and knowledge for nutrition and food. For years, as a chiropractor I understood the theory of what Lyndal preaches, but I was never any good at putting it into practice – that is where Lyndal is fantastic! I was able to learn from her real life ways of eating ‘clean’ food that is nutritionally dense. I never go hungry, never felt better with more energy and have managed to lose a bunch of kg’s too. I continuously see patients that are very inflamed and would benefit greatly from Lyndal’s help – food is medicine, but the wrong food for long enough can be poison!”