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Dr Martin Jays

Dr Martin

“Helping people has always been what drives me, and to find something that allows me do that and fit my way of thinking has been fulfilling”

– Dr Martin Jays

Martin has had an eclectic work past; he has been a handyman, a draftsman, a labourer, he has worked in a bank, and for while ran a nursing home and retirement village. He has pursued different kinds of study including Architecture, Economics, and Real Estate, all before finally turning to Chiropractic. His mother was a nurse who was very open to alternate types of healing and he had always been interested in the health industry. Martin finally decided to study in the health sector looking into other fields such as physiotherapy, massage, and homeopathy to name a few, but none of these piqued his interest quite the way that Chiropractic did.

Martin has always been active and was initially introduced to Chiropractic due to the many sports injuries he accrued over the years playing golf, soccer, squash, and volleyball, as well as skiing, cycling, and surfing. Because of the amazing results he found in himself from this treatment he realised he wanted to help other people the way that he had been helped. He was drawn to the Gonstead method of Chiropractic because it was systematic, sensible, and reproducible, while also seeing each patient as a bio-individual. He felt that this method was more precise, while producing excellent results, and fitting in with his philosophy on treating the body from the foundation up.

After graduating in 2007 he worked in Sydney for a short time before moving to Melbourne with his family. Before joining the Yarra Hills family he worked in Sunshine for 5 years, building a solid foundation of clinical knowledge and expertise. Now here Martin has built a loyal and loving client base, who enjoy his humour and philosophical chats. He has a passion for sports, alternative medicines, extremities and sports related issues. Martin is a philosophical and curious mind, who loves talking to people, finding out their interests and backgrounds.

We love having Martin here, he brings with him a passion for knowledge and an interest in the lives of his patients.