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Blood Sugar

Why is it when you give up sugar, you find it hard to stay away from it? Or even after giving up sugar, you still experience fatigue, yoyo energy, cravings, or that 3pm slump?
The answer: A diet high in refined and processed foods and with minimal healthy, whole foods.

Blood sugar imbalance is epidemic. I see the far reaching consequences for my clients such as foggy brain, fatigue, sleeplessness, cravings, headaches, weight gain, mood instability, hormonal disruption, stress, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, etc. The good news is that once our blood sugar is balanced our symptoms go away and we get back our energy and vitality!

Why do so many people have imbalanced blood sugar?
The obvious answer is that we eat sugar, but what about when we remove sugar from our diet? The not so obvious answer is that we eat refined foods. Refined foods simply means that food has been processed in such a way that the nutrient content has been removed.
As an example, lets look at grains. The outer layer of the grain is where the nutrients are at. Unfortunately most grains are processed so that the nutritional content is no longer present. These refined grains become cereal, white flour, pastas, noodles, biscuits and pastries, etc. Grains naturally contain fibre and nutrients, as well as glucose. These nutrients slow down the metabolism of the glucose. Without that nutritional component they metabolise purely as a glucose. Eating these nutrient devoid foods not only fails to nourish us, but it also spikes our blood sugar – much like sugar.

What can you do to fix this?
Remove refined foods from your diet and replace them with nourishing whole foods such as complex carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

For more information on Functional Nutrition check out Lyndals website Unrefined Nutrition.