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Make Working from Home Work For You

Make Working from Home, Work For You                    So many people have found themselves working from home, for an undefined period of time. If you can work from home, AWESOME! You are doing your part to help keep your community safe and health. However while you are doing this, you also need to be looking after…
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4 Foundation Keys to Help our Immune System

4 Foundation Keys to Help our Immune System Nutrition We are made from and run on the nutrients that we get from our food.  This includes our immune system (our body’s surveillance team which protects us from invaders). From a nutritional perspective we should remove the foods that suppress our immune system and feed our…
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Yarra Hills Chiropractic

Updated Practitioner Hours

Updated Practitioner Hours With restrictions slowly lifting across the country, we feel confident that we can still provide you with a safe and healthy environment here at Yarra Hills Chiropractic. With that in mind we have made some changes with the practitioner days and hours. We will now be more available for your spinal health…
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5 Tips For Back To School Kids

5 Tips For Back To School Kids CHOOSE THE RIGHT SCHOOL BAG A good school bag should be no more than 10% – 15% of your child’s total weight. Nor should it be too physically big for them. While it might be tempting to buy a bigger bag that they can grow into, large bags…
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Backpack Safety

Choosing the Correct School Bag

Choosing the Correct School Bag Choosing the correct school bag is vital in the health of your growing child’s spine. Kids all have growth spurts at different times, but they are always growing, and strain from the wrong kind or too heavy school bag can affect their spines, causing problems down the track. SIZE We…
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What is Sciatica? Although Sciatica is a relatively common presentation to chiropractic clinic, the true meaning of the term is usually misunderstood. Some people often associate lower back pain as Sciatica or Sciatic pain, or they believe it is a diagnosed condition that they have, this is not the case. Sciatica is actually a set…
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