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Make Working from Home Work For You

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So many people have found themselves working from home, for an undefined period of time. If you can work from home, AWESOME! You are doing your part to help keep your community safe and health. However while you are doing this, you also need to be looking after your own health and wellbeing. Yarra Hills […]

4 Foundation Keys to Help our Immune System

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Nutrition We are made from and run on the nutrients that we get from our food.  This includes our immune system (our body’s surveillance team which protects us from invaders). From a nutritional perspective we should remove the foods that suppress our immune system and feed our body’s with the foods that help to keep […]

5 Tips For Back To School Kids

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CHOOSE THE RIGHT SCHOOL BAG A good school bag should be no more than 10% – 15% of your child’s total weight. Nor should it be too physically big for them. While it might be tempting to buy a bigger bag that they can grow into, large bags are less supportive of your child’s back […]

Choosing the Correct School Bag

Backpack Safety

Choosing the correct school bag is vital in the health of your growing child’s spine. Kids all have growth spurts at different times, but they are always growing, and strain from the wrong kind or too heavy school bag can affect their spines, causing problems down the track. SIZE We understand that in the long […]

Are You Ready For Life?

Life is full of unknowns, but you can take simple and practical steps now to be ready for life at any age! Currently 15% of the Australia population are ages 65 and over, and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that this will increase to 22% by 2056. An increase in the age […]

Keeping Active

An active spine is a healthy spine. This is important at any age. The Department of Health recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week. Activities such as surfing, soccer and strength training in the gym can have great benefits to your overall mental and physical health. According to […]

Improve Your Posture

By decreasing the amount we move each day, we have increased the severity of poor posture and in turn, it’s negative effects on health. Daily activities that we now consider common, like sitting at a desk, driving instead of walking, and even playing video games, may lead to incorrect posture. Posture is the position in […]

Tips for Repeat Hamstring Injury Prevention

The weather is cooling down, which means the footy sirens are heating up. The AFL Premiership season has officially begun. Whether you’re playing backyard footy with friends, or part of a local club, or even playing at an elite level, hamstrings are one of the most common football injuries. Here are some great tips on […]

Restart Your Health

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Are you struggling with your health – fatigue, digestive issues, weight, hormonal imbalance, sleep disturbance, or just don’t feel 100%? Lyndal Harris can help! Lyndal is a Functional Nutritionist, trained by the Nutritional Therapy Association. She sees symptoms (such as digestive, fatigue, mood, skin, hormonal, etc.) as the body’s warning signs of underlying dysfunction.  By working foundationally, […]

How Chiropractic Can Keep You Playing Cricket For Longer

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Cricket has been a staple of the Australian summer for generations. Whether it’s a simple game of backyard cricket, or you’re in your full whites for an all dayer, from children to adults, if the sun is out, cricket is in the air. But what are the risks of cricket? One of the most common […]