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ACORN Research

Australian Chiropractic Research Network

What is ACORN?
ACORN stands for Australian Chiropractic Research Network. This network is dedicated to growing the evidence base and research network of Chiropractors in Australia

What is ACORN research and why is it so important to Chiropractors, and the CAM industry?

ACORN research is aiming to put Chiropractors and researches in touch with one another so that they can develop properly approved and programed research and studies into the short, mid, and long term effects of chiropractic. The four main topics of interest to ACORN research are:
– How cost-efficient is chiropractic? How much do patients spend on their chiropractic care (alongside other care)? And to what extent is affordability a factor in patient decision-making regarding chiropractic?
– How effective is chiropractic and what range of benefits do patients gain from their chiropractic care?
– What are the safety and risk factors of chiropractic care?
– What influences patient decision-making regarding chiropractic consultations and follow-up care?

What does this mean for the Chiropractic community?

This research means that Chiropractors will have access to approved and programmed research on many of the issues that plague the Chiropractic community, such as the idea that Chiropractic isn’t safe or cost effective. With research currently limited to often only anecdotal or case studies, Chiropractors are restricted in the evidence they are able to provide about their services outside of back pain and related issues. Having such a large research program with several institutes and practices working in conjunction with one another is a huge leap forward for Chiropractic research.
With the information gathered on the cost efficiency of Chiropractic care, Chiropractors will be better able to inform patients why Chiropractic care is important and will help the Chiropractic community be better able to inform patients of the various benefits of Chiropractic.