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Back in 2015 Dr. Chew was finishing her studies to become the Chiropractor we know and love today. After one of the seminars she attended on the Gonstead method, this is a letter she wrote to the Gonstead Chiropractic Society Australia, we think it shows her passion and determination for Chiropractic and the Gonstead method as a student that has seamlessly carried on into her practicing life.
My name is Chew Huay Lua and I am writing this email specifically to thank all Gonstead chiropractors who have been involved with organising last weekend’s seminar. I’d like to thank all the Diplomates who helped us students in the Technique class. Also a big thanks to Dr Alex & John Cox, Dr Bill & Dr Amy for coming to Australia to share their experience and knowledge. Thanks to all Gonstead chiropractors who never fail to be an inspiration to students, especially small Gonstead female chiropractors. Showing us that Chiropractic is about specificity and not size.
The Gonstead seminars not only teach me about Chiropractic, I also learn about life; how to live with purpose in service of humanity.
Lastly, thank you for the student award named after Dr Max Joseph. This award will motivate more students to practice Gonstead technique. It is such an honour to be practicing pure Chiropractic and I’m grateful to be in a life changing career.
Yours sincerely,
Chew Huay Lua”

We are just blown away by Dr Chew and how passionate and dedicated she is to Chiropractic. She enjoys working on difficult and acute cases, including extremities issue. Chew is amazing with children and has built a reputation for family care.

We just love having her on the team.
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