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Yarra Hills Chiropractic believes in your healthWe have been putting off this decision for a long, long time. The CAA (Chiropractors Association Australia) has been urging all Chiropractors NOT to be a part of this scheme and we are now one of the last clinic’s to move away from this arrangement. The Gonstead Chiropractic Society are now strongly suggesting we move away from this structure. The reason why the Chiropractic community don’t like the preferred provider scheme is because as you pay less per visit, it encourages a more frequent care plan – which doesn’t fit with our Gonstead philosophy, your spinal health and balance. We believe in YOUR health over cost.

You will soon get this letter from your health fund provider, encouraging you see another preferred provider. This letter is designed to give you a bad impression of our clinic and make out that you need to find a new Chiropractor or that we have been kicked out of the scheme. This is NOT the case. As you know insurance companies are very good at focusing on one thing, their big profits, defiantly not YOUR health.

The truth is we are electing to not be a part of the scheme anymore as it has become far too restrictive and controlling. Experts are saying it will soon be moving towards the American health care model. All the advice we have had from our different professional bodies has urged its health providers to leave the scheme before it gets worse. The same shift away from these schemes is occurring through all health sectors, such as the dentists and physiotherapists.

The larger insurance companies can have a greater influence over your health than your health professional does. The Medical community thinks this is wrong.

You will still be able to use your private health insurance card at the time of your visit and you will still get the same amount of benefit per year. Everything will still go through the HICAPS system.

We know that our patients enjoy good quality care and we want YOU to continue to have the choice of who gives you that care. Your health fund shouldn’t dictate who you see – It’s your body, shouldn’t you decide who treats it?

We would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Yours Sincerely,

The team at Yarra Hills Chiropractic