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7 Tips for a Healthy Spine

Having a healthy spine means having a healthy you. Here are a few tips to keep and maintain a healthy spine in your everyday life.


Poor posture is one of the leading causes for back pain. Improper work environments from low desks or benches, to incorrect seats, can all play a part in creating poor posture. Try to alter you work space so that you are sitting or standing correctly. Also look at how you relax at home, how you are sleeping or sitting on the couch, what regular exercise you are doing, even how long you are sitting in your car.

Core strength

Strengthening your core muscles, which include your spine and abdominal muscles creates a strong foundation. This not only helps stabilise your lower back and hips, it also helps to maintain good posture and reduce back pain. Having a strong core also reduces the risk of repeat injuries.

Ask you Chiropractor or Massage Therapist for the right exercises for you.

Keep moving!

Movement is so important to spinal health. It’s why we recommend it to all of our patients! Movement and gentle exercise gets all of your bodies systems going, from pumping your circulatory and lymphatic system, to allowing proper nerve flow. Movement is vital for healing.


Good shoe support is a great way to create a strong foundation for your body and your spine. Proper arch support gives you a stable base for your ankles, knees, hips and spine. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes too often can put strain on your spine.


How you sleep plays a huge role in the health of your spine. We spend one 3rd of our lives in bed, so sleeping right is vital to our health. Sleeping on your side or back is preferable to sleeping on your stomach. Choosing the right mattress and pillow for you as well.


Always remember to support your spine when lifting, twisting or doing anything strenuous. It is important to maintain a neutral spine when lifting, so keep your back straight and brace your core muscles.

Read the signs

Our body is very intuitive and often knows when something isn’t right. Pay attention to the warning signs that your spine might not be in a best of health. These signs can vary from headaches, fever, and lack of focus, to discomfort and even pain in various extremities. Read the signs and see your Chiropractor. 

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