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1. Analysing X-rays before any treatment takes place

Make sure the Chiropractor always analyses a set of your X-rays before you receive an adjustment. This is important for your safety and protection. It is even better if the Chiropractor can take their own X-rays on site, as this eliminates any variables in patient set up of the X-ray film. If X-rays are performed off site at a radiology clinic, the person taking the X-rays will often differ introducing a variable that can’t be controlled.

2.Highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable

All chiropractors need to be qualified, but some take their ongoing learning much more seriously. Make sure the Chiropractor keeps up to date with seminars and workshops and is a member of associations. This shows that they care about staying in touch with the latest research and techniques. All of our chiropractors attend 2 major Gonstead seminars and 4 workshops per year. This is far and beyond the minimum expectations for the registrations of a chiropractor. We also hold and run workshops at our clinic on weekends for other chiropractors and students.

3. Thorough Examination

Make sure the Chiropractor examines your spine touching the skin. It is impossible to get all the information required to make the correct diagnosis and decisions if the Chiropractor checks their patient over top of layers of clothes. It is like getting the mechanic to check the engine without opening the bonnet.

4. No upfront payments or excessive treatment plans

Make sure the Chiropractor doesn’t get you to sign up to any upfront payments, enter into any excessive treatment plans, or keep you coming back multiple times per week for a large number of weeks. It is unfortunately common place to hear of Chiropractor telling the patient they require a lot more visits that is normally required.

5. Safe, specific spinal corrections tailored to your individual needs

Make sure your Chiropractor carefully analyses your spine on every visit. Spinal adjustments should only take place after careful evaluation of the spine, symptoms, and your current condition. This process should happen at each and every visit, not just the initial consultation. It is like your GP giving you blood pressure medication without further checking and re-checking your blood pressure at subsequent visits.

6. Open extended hours and weekends

Whether you work weekdays, night shift or care for young children during the day, at different times you may find it difficult to see your Chiropractor in normal business hours. At Yarra Hills Chiropractic, our extended trading hours during weekdays and weekends allow you the flexibility to see our practitioners at a time that suits you. We are even on call for emergencies.

7. Choice of practitioners

A good Chiropractic clinic will offer patients the choice of both male and female practitioners (whether for religious or personal reason).

At Yarra Hills Chiropractic we pride ourselves on our range of professional, thorough and holistic treatments tailored to meet your needs. We look forward to providing you with top quality Chiropractic care.

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