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Dr. Quentin Free

Leader of the pack

Dr. Quentin Free

B.App.Sc (Clin Sc.)
B.Chiropractic Sc.
Low back pain (Acute)
Headache and Migraines

As a leader of change over the past 15 years, Dr. Quentin has committed to creating the best Gonstead Clinic in Australia. His innovative approach has created what the industry considers a prototype clinic, by grouping a team of leading chiropractors with the best equipment, that use a scientific approach to patient care. Since 1978, 20132 patients have called Yarra Hills “Their Chiropractor”.

Dr. Quentin’s interest in difficult cases stems from his father, a bobcat operator who was always hurting his back. Dr. Quentin’s reputation to get most of his distressed lower back pain patients back to a healthy self in a timely manner makes makes him unique.

Hi, my name is Dr Quentin. I have been frustrated with the reputation of chiropractic in the public. My passion is to evolve and reshape the perception of Chiropractic in the community by establishing a clinic that precisely analyses the spine, applies specific treatment and guarantees a quicker return to health.