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Dr. Julie-Anne Kelly

Healthstyle guru

Dr. Julie-Anne Kelly

B.App.Sc (Clin Sc.)
B.Chiropractic Sc.
Headaches & Migraines
Stress & Anxiety
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Lower Back Pain

As a practitioner for over 15 years committed to the Gonstead technique, Dr. Jules has been awarded the level of Diplomate in the Gonstead Society – one of only two females in Australia. She enjoys the role of teacher and mentor to students and chiropractors whilst continuing her own studies in post grad paediatrics and nutrition.

As an expert in difficult case management, Dr. Jules’ determined nature means that she won’t rest until she finds what the cause of your problem is. By providing amazing results and empowering her patients to better understand their body, Dr. Jules inspires healthier lifestyles.

Hi, my name is Dr. Jules Kelly. Becoming a mother has focused my passion on family health. I now understand how having one family member unwell can affect the whole family.