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Your First Visit

Three simple steps in knowing what to expect

What we ask

  • Upon making your first appointment our specially trained Chiropractic Assistants (receptionists) will ask you a few very important questions regarding your condition and the reason for you taking the first steps.
  • Knowing about your condition and severity helps us guide you to the best Chiropractor for you needs.

What to bring

  • If you have any spinal x-rays or scans (even if they are old) they may be useful to help create the big picture. So bring them along.

What to do

  • Our specially trained Chiropractic Assistants will ask you about your current pain management. They may give you advice on any changes you need to take before the first consultation. Pain management like Panadol will be masking the symptoms and not addressing the cause of the problem. Pain killers can severely change the findings we use to make important decisions such as pain findings and localised swelling.
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