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Dr Quentin Free

Dr. Quentin Free Gonstead Chiropractor Melbourne

“Being able to pass my knowledge and passion on to future generations of Chiropractors, while also educating my patients and creating a space where people love to come, is the most important and fulfilling part of my job”

– Quentin Free

Dr Quentin Free has had a keen interest in Chiropractic from a young age. In fact his first introduction to it was when he was just 6 days old. All of his siblings were adjusted on their way home from the hospital after birth. Chiropractic had played a huge role in his mums early life when at the age of 16 she was diagnosed with MS. She had initially experience numbness in her legs 2 years prior, which then spread to her arms, and she steadily declined to the point of needing a wheelchair. Struggling to find answers her parents took her to many different healthcare professionals until one day a stranger gave them a business card for a local Chiropractor. Since that time Quentin’s grandparents had such faith in Chiropractic that almost any medical issues that came up in her life Chiropractic was the first point of call, something she would later do with her own children.

Quentin has always had a keen interest in engineering and mechanics. He likes to look at how things work, finding out what are the parts and how do they make up whole. He also had a caring nature wanting to help and to heal people, with many people in his youth expecting him to work in the medical field. This and his own positive experiences with Chiropractic at a young age – having suffered and been alleviated from headaches – fostered a drive in Quentin to become a Chiropractor. With Chiropractic he could look at the mechanics of the body and use that knowledge to help people heal. When he was introduced to the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic he realised he could apply mechanics and physics to his understanding how the body works; the structure and the functions. Chiropractic also sat in line with his own philosophy of a more natural approach to healing; a way to step away from using drugs and pharmaceuticals for issues our body should be able to heal with minimal intervention. Having gone to Chiropractors his whole life for things usually reserved for the GP he felt he could help other people see the benefits of Chiropractic in other areas of health and wellbeing.

Quentin has a passion for giving back, which is why he is heavily involved in the GSC (Gonstead Chiropractic Society). The GSC is dedicated to the further knowledge of Chiropractic and gives back regularly to student and young Chiropractors; offering support, free information nights, advice, etc.  Quentin understand their role in helping him become a better Chiropractor and loves to help foster a passion for Gonstead Chiropractic in others.

Outside of the clinic Quentin loves to spending time with his family, travelling, camping, four wheel driving, and exploring what our beautiful country has to offer. Quentin’s wife Meaghan runs her own travel agency which allows the family the opportunity to travel to many places overseas. Yet he is just as happy to jump in the 4WD, drive to the bush and camp. Quentin also has a keen interest in cooking, and loves to make food from scratch. He loves getting out into the veggie garden with his kids and getting them involved in growing and making their own food, collecting eggs from their chickens and such.

Having built on the foundations of a well-established clinic Quentin takes pride in creating a space where staff love to work and patients love to come. He loves nothing more than seeing families, knowing that he can share his passion for helping people with generations to come.

Yarra Hills Chiropractic is part of the community in Lilydale and surrounding suburbs, and Quentin considers us all family.