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Case Study- Headaches, Neck Pain and Back Pain

Sarah, aged 23, came into our clinic complaining of constant mid-back pain, neck pain and headaches. She was in a bad way, and the headaches were really affecting her quality of life. The tightness and pulling pains that led to her headaches started 4 years ago when she suffered whiplash in a car accident.

Dr Jules assessed Sarah and found 3 *spinal misalignment’s in her spine (T7 and C7 and left Sacro-iliac joint). Dr Jules used spinal x-rays, chiropractic examination, clinical findings and our Nervoscope, to look for heat readings indicating nerve irritation and possible areas of spinal misalignment.

The x-rays showed that Sarah’s neck is curving the wrong way. When you lose the normal spinal curves, it places abnormal loads on the soft tissues of the spine. The muscles then become fatigued and can cause headaches and neck/back pain.

*Sarah had neck and back pain and headaches for 4 years, and was symptom free after only 3 visits.

Sarah’s First visit:
T7 and C7 were adjusted. Sarah returned a week later reporting a 50% improvement in neck pain and headaches.

Sarah’s Second visit: The L SI joint and C7 were adjusted and Sarah reported further improvement.

Sarah’s Third visit: The L SI joint, T7 and C7 were all adjusted. After this visit, Sarah reported no headaches or back pain. Dr Jules monitored and adjusted when needed.

Using the Gonstead System Sarah’s pain was alleviated after just three visits. Chiropractic gets to the cause of the problem. Headaches and migraines are symptoms, like any other symptom they’re telling you that something is wrong and your body’s not
functioning as well as it should. Masking the problem with medications does nothing about the cause of the

problem. To relieve symptoms properly, you need to get to the cause, which the chiropractic adjustments does.

* To find out what a spinal misalignment is, read the article titled “Headaches and Migraines and the Subluxation”.
* The real name of this patient has been changed to protect their identity.