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Dr. Jacqui Doyle

Active Chiropractic

Dr. Jacqui Doyle

B. Health Sc

B. Applied Sc (Chiro)

Pinched Nerves

Sporting Injuries


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Dr Jacqui Doyle is a graduate of RMIT. She has a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science/Chiropractic.

Jacqui has always been active and started out working as a Personal Trainer and studying Health Science, having been interested in health and wellbeing. She always knew she wanted to work with and ‘fix’ the body, but she wasn’t sure if this was the right path as it felt too vague for her. She soon discovered Chiropractic and hasn’t looked back since.

Being introduced to the Gonstead System at university she felt like it made the most sense to her. She liked the rational and the science behind it, the use of x-rays, and the idea of adjusting the cause, not just treating the symptom. She also found that, personally, the adjustments felt better.

Being a highly active person herself, playing sports growing up and playing in the Womens Gridiron Victoria, Dr Jacqui has a keen interest in sports injuries and working with extremities.

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“I love that Gonstead Chiropractic looks at our foundations, finding and adjusting the cause of an issue, not the symptoms.”

– Dr Jacqui Doyle

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