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Dr. Chew Huay Lua

Balanced Healing

Dr. Chew Huay Lua

B. Health Sc(Chiro)
Masters Clin. Chiro.

Special Interests

Pinched Nerves
Sporting Injuries
Neck Pain
Back Pain


Working as a masseur for 4 years, I was frustrated at not getting all the results I knew were possible with my patients. I wanted to help my patients on another level. That’s when I was introduced to Chiropractic. Chiropractic works with the cause and not the symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s way of communicating the need for attention. It is a “message” of body malfunction. Then I started to understand the direct relationship with the brain, spine, nerves and the whole body. The nervous system is the central computer and all the telephone or ADSL wires that communicate with every cell and organ. I had to learn more. . .

I feel very privileged to have been introduced to the Gonstead System at my first week of university. It was by chance, running into a Gonstead Chiropractor at a tram stop in the city. We got talking, and the rest is history. I took on the role to govern and nurture the RMIT Gonstead club, something I am still part of today. I worked in Bundoora for 2 years before joining Yarra Hills Chiropractic team.

There are many different techniques or forms of chiropractic. Gonstead requires meticulous analysis of the spine to provide the chiropractor sufficient information to find the location of the nerve pressure. In addition to that, it involves a pinpoint specific adjustment to remove the nerve pressure and restore health to every patient. Therefore, it is very safe and effective to help patients from newborns to elders, patients with neck pain, acute low back pain and also extremities.

My definition of health is where you have healthy of mind, body and spirit. Hippocrates (the father of medicine) once said: “Health is the expression of harmonious balance internal and external forces, involving mind as well as the body”.

It has been an honour to practice the true Chiropractic and I am looking forward to helping every patient to gain health, be healthy and remained healthy.

My Schedules

  • Mon: 9am ~ 7pm
  • Tue: 9am ~ 7pm
  • Wed: 9am ~ 7pm
  • Thu: 9am ~ 1pm
  • Fri: 9am ~ 1pm
  • Sat: 9am ~ 2pm

My name is Dr Chew Huay Lua and I am originally from Malaysia. I am very excited to join one of the most successful and largest Gonstead clinics in Australia and being part of the greater Yarra Valley community. I look forward to seeing some amazing scenery in the Yarra Valley as I hike and ride my bike. I also enjoy heaps of activities including table tennis, badminton, basketball, martial arts (kung fu) and reading.